We create a community for women who lead!

We connect and educate women to access their full potential for career growth. We aim for changes to include and equally represent women in our society. 

How are we doing it?

  • transferring best practices and know-how from the U.S.
  • building a strong global community of women
  • creating role models in the Czech society based on U.S. practices

About Academy

In 2021, we launched a six-month educational program for women aimed at soft and hard skills development. We worked with external experts to deliver a series of workshops covering topics like developing confidence in self-promotion, the art of negotiating, how to build a network for career growth, public speaking or how to put together a business plan. 

We plan to launch the next cohort in February 2023.


What is our goal?

The main goal of the Academy is to increase gender equality in the Czech Republic and eliminate unequal work conditions. This project is designed to be an important step in the gradual change of society in terms of the gender pay gap. Our training program will help women increase self-confidence, share their experiences and successful practices, in hopes of creating future role-models and leaders in their respective positions.

Academy 2020/21 at glance

In six months, 6,000 ambitious women completed a career skill development program. We were meeting online and in person once a month in four Czech cities: Praha, Plzeň, Brno, Ostrava. Our focus was on providing practical experience, not only theoretical knowledge. Upon completion, all alumni received a digital graduation certificate.



  • 19th November 2020

    Self-confidence: creating stronger you

  • 10th December 2020

    How to do successful networking

  • 14th January 2021

    Brand building: how to create a strong personal brand

  • 11th February 2021

    Negotiation, assertiveness, decision-making

  • 11th March 2021

    Presentation skills and self-presentation

  • 15th April 2021

    Business plan, pricing, and strategic planning

Why the name “Ženský byznys”?

We wanted to express that it's our 'business' to take care of any changes we want to see in the society (“ženský bysnys” means “women's business”). Our activities are for women that want to connect with and learn from other women regardless if they are in business or not!


Who is behind the project?

The project was initiated by the Institute of Political Marketing (IPM) and receives support from the Embassy of the United States of America in the Czech Republic. This support was granted as one of the priorities of American foreign policy is to support gender equality and strengthening the role of women in society.




Get involved!

For donors

Do you want to see more women in management, business or other executive positions? Are you a corporate company or a small business interested in supporting women empowerment and equity? If you are, join us by supporting the economic development of the Academy and helping us involve as many women as possible. Don't hesitate to donate!

For NGOs

We appreciate any kind of support from your organization and are open to learning what works for you and to share this with our participants. You are welcome to become a part of our community. You can contact us any time and we will happily arrange collaboration. Together, we can enable more female leaders to take a lead!

For universities

Does your university have any programs that focus on supporting women and their career development? If not, you can change that! We're open to partnerships, whether it be research study or connections to the latest projects of women empowerment. Do not hesitate to contact us to start or further your journey towards female empowerment.

For students

We welcome all students who want to support our ideas and work with our team. We offer international partnerships, internships and virtual experiences. Contact us to gain valuable experience by supporting our goals  and create a global impact. Do not miss out on this great opportunity!
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